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The future of One World Youth Project!

Dear ­­­­One World Youth Project community,

OWYP staff and alums at the ECF Welcoming Reception

We write to share an exciting development.  As of November 3, 2012, One World Youth Project (OWYP) became a program of the El-Hibri Charitable Foundation (ECF), a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization in Washington, DC dedicated to promoting peace education and mutual understanding and respect across geographical and cultural boundaries.  This mutually beneficial relationship will support and develop our work as we move forward into the next decade of One World Youth Project!

At a moment in human history when positive change is needed and so few resources in civil society are available to meet these needs, we believe that strategic collaboration is the way forward for the non-profit sector. As you can imagine, this new collaboration took months of careful consideration and many conversations between our two organizations.

One World Youth Project and El-Hibri Charitable Foundation share the same values, goals and strong sense of integrity.    We complement each other.  We feel that, together, our combined staff teams will better inspire, explore and promote mutual understanding and respect through the connection of classrooms across cultures.

One World Youth Project as you know it has not changed: all current clients will receive the same services that we had planned for this academic year.

The OWYP stakeholders may have noticed a few changes: an ECF logo on the OWYP website accompanying the One World logo, along with ECF’s phone number and Washington, DC address.  Some of the OWYP staff members have transitioned  into an advisory board role as ECF staff members have stepped up to support the program with their core competencies in operations and logistics.  Beyond this, you may only notice a less stressed program staff benefitting from a greater support staff and additional resources to realize the vision we all share for a more empowered, discerning and empathetic generation of global citizens.

For the past four months you have not heard much from us on our blog, Facebook or Twitter. We have been focusing internally as we combine teams with ECF, move offices, and make sure our university and secondary school students receive all the support and attention needed to make our 2012-2013 program year a success.  The hard work of merging is complete and we will now be sharing more updates and stories as the summer begins!  Our university teams have been chosen for next program year and you will soon get to meet the 2013-2014 Project Manager Fellows and hear updates from our annual Online Training Course, which just launched this week.  Stay tuned!

As a part of our transition, after 8 years serving as One World Youth Project’s Executive Director, Founder Jess Rimington is stepping down  –passing the reigns to Cady Voge who now serves in OWYP’s new leadership position of Program Manager.  Cady Voge has worked with One World Youth Project since 2004.  For the past three years, she has worked closely with Jess and the rest of our start-up team to lead the development of the OWYP program.  There is no one better equipped to be leading our efforts forward at this exciting moment for One World Youth Project.

Founder Jess Rimington will remain actively involved as Chair of the Advisory Board.  She is continuing in the education movement and joining a new founding team in summer 2013.  Stay tuned to hear more about Jess’s next steps!  We are excited for her next journey and know that she will always remain active in the One World Youth Project family and movement.

We hope that our combined efforts with ECF under a unified, shared vision will serve as an example for civil society of how to pool resources effectively and work together, to better achieve our shared goals. Together we look forward to ushering in the next chapter of One World Youth Project’s impact in collaboration with you!


The OWYP Team



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