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Middle School Engagement

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One World Youth Project is a year-long, project-based global learning experience for middle school youth that actively links middle school classrooms with classrooms abroad.

OWYP trains university students to work in partnership with middle school educators as facilitators of a global competence curriculum that complements existing middle school courses. The trained university mentors are responsible for adapting the lessons to your standards and facilitating an ongoing connection with an OWYP classroom abroad.

Middle School Youth Experience…

  • A window into another classroom and culture abroad
  • Guided conversations with peers in a partner classroom
  • Practice in critical thinking and problem solving
  • Exposure to higher education through a university mentor
  • An exploration into local and global leadership
  • An opportunity to explore shared global challenges
  • An opportunity to design and implement a service-learning project for their local community

“Our learning community became global with the presence of [our university Project Ambassador] Martine. Through her support we were able to bring local and international perspectives to environmental issues affecting Washington, D.C. Her support was instrumental in connecting our students to the issues affecting their community. Besides being an important part of our educational process,.. she became a friend and mentor to the students in our class, -Tonio Verzone, Educator, Columbia Heights Education Campus, Washington, D.C.

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To contact OWYP about setting up a One World Hub at a University near your school, or to find out if one is already established, email our Program Manager, Mychal Estrada, at