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Keeping Students Engaged in Unique Ways

Eren Baydemir, Project Ambassador from Istanbul Bilgi University, explains his methods to keep his 10-14 year old students engaged with their education throughout the year.

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I would like to write about our last two weeks with our students and how we have kept them excited.

During the last two weeks in our classes we have covered the topics of varying perspectives, empathy and identity. Students were tired because of their exams, but that actually helped us to explain perspective better and try to change their perspective about exams and to make them more optimistic. After our first lessons with our second class we realized that some of the students are very good at drawing, and to make them more involved we told them that they can create drawings to go along with their stories which kept them interested.

Both of our classes really enjoy when we film the students on camera to show our partner classroom, so we chose a story that they can act out easily in order to make a short film with them. Videos and drawings are very good tools to keep the students involved and to explain topics more effectively.

We have a really very connection with students (better than first semester). It is good to hear that they have missed us even in one week and their interest makes everything easier. We have planned to invite the students to our university to lead a lesson there, and their school accepted this idea. We are very excited about bringing them to a university campus!



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  1. right am writing a proposal letter to the local government authority in my state to sponsor me in organising debate competition among the schools in the Area . This is aimed at encouraging the students towards achieving academic excellence and creative the spirit of hardwork and competitiveness. I need more ideas on this you van email me

  2. Last Divine MARK! February 22, 2015 at 12:10 am

    According to your thinking let me give you one example regarding to my experience with that i have done. Everytime when you deal with this kind of problem it is really a proffitable way to learn to deal with different ways of communicating with people and youth.Everyone one of them is not the same and you should approach to them in a different way. Many times when you think that one problem has only one way of solution you have to think again,cause there has to be another way dealing with them. Especially when you deal with students or youths,it is important to know how to react to each one of those remarks. You can’t take every thing that you come to the same approach that you do it to others,it is not the same. You have to understand their age,their way of thinking or for example you have to know what they want. In other words put yourself in other shoes,if you want to understand them. That is way your approach is very important how you do it and how you deal it,this is the mots valuable weapon who have to possess.Positive and patient approach will open your doors to every other person soul,most important take care of their age.Interesting article and concerning my personal experience i have to share my point of view.

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