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Exploring Our Personal and Group Identities

Project Ambassadors from the University of Prishtina in Gjakova, Kosovo, take us through their experiences leading lesson 5 and 6 at Yll Morina, a local middle school. Contributors: Nora Lluka and Dorina Olloni.

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Every week of facilitating during this year has been a pleasant and beneficial experience not only for us as Project Ambassadors, but also for the students. We have been enjoying the active participation of students during the classes, and the students have been enjoying the lessons while gaining knowledge about the lives of their their counterparts in different countries, while also communicating with them through their Project Ambassadors.

Two of the students’ favorite lessons were Lesson 5 and Lesson 6, during which they were able to demonstrate their creative skills. The topic of Lesson 5 was Identity Poems, and we filmed a lot of this lesson because each students created and read their own poems.

Before entering the poems phase, we started with a revision of the last lesson about the definition of identity, and we asked the students what they learned. After going through the meaning of identity, we asked the students to write their own identity poems, through which they could express themselves and their values.

We had time for the exchange activity as well. The topic was about their favorite music and musicians. They enjoyed the topic, and we recorded their responses.

Lesson 6 was “Our Class Identity”. Firstly, students we required to give opinions of what they thought the word “collaboration” meant. After they shared their thoughts, we wrote the exact definition on the board, while pretending to argue between ourselves. We then helped the students understand how our arguing was a problem and how you can instead establish respectful communication and collaboration. After that, we worked on understanding and creating our class identity together, in a collaborative manner.

These were the themes of lessons 5 and 6. We look forward to continuing the remaining lessons, and facilitating them as successfully as possible.



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